Brand Ambassadors

Passionate about NYSM?

NYSM is born from a desire to provide mid-life women with exceptional activewear that merges comfort, style, and sustainability.

Step into our community, a haven for mid life creators and empowered women who prioritize self-expression, eco-consciousness, and the understanding that peak performance isn't achieved in uncomfortable activewear. This space is your platform to passionately endorse NYSM gear and earn commissions. By sharing your zeal and advocating for our comfortable, sustainable active wear, you're contributing positively to the community and bolstering your income simultaneously.

So, what's the drill?

Upon joining our exclusive community of brand ambassadors, you'll embark on a journey that rewards you as you complete missions, ranging from showcasing NYSM’s comfort on social media, participating in curated campaigns through content creation, and fostering our community through giveaways, events, and thoughtful gestures.

Why should you jump aboard?

  • Boost your income by sharing the NYSM experience with your distinct referral code and link.
  • Be the spotlight of our social media with frequent acknowledgements.
  • Claim vouchers for our outstanding products, no obligations attached.
  • Membership comes at absolutely no cost!


Who we're searching for?

  • Mid life women who can't get enough of our irresistible active wear!
  • Unleash your creativity and assume the role of a content virtuoso.
  • Become part of a supportive sisterhood and immerse in a close-knit community.
  • Applicants must be 40 years or older.


How to take the plunge?

It's a breeze – just click below, share a brief introduction about yourself, and it won't even take 30 seconds. For any queries, feel free to drop us an email at


Entrepreneur and founder of Black Women Rising UK, Leanne Pero, model, Nicola Griffin and Olympian, Jenny Stoute can be seen modelling the new collection and are supporting the brand as launch ambassadors.

Leanne says: The clothes are comfortable and inclusive and that’s exactly what we want in this day and age.

Jenny says: Fabulous, stylish and comfortable.  So soft it’s like you’re not even wearing active wear.  I could wear it all day!

Nicky says: Soft and comfortable – especially the high waisted leggings.


MicroModal is a plant based, luxurious and soft breathable fabric that resists shrinkage and holds its colour after repeated washes. It is made from wood pulp sourced from sustainable renewable forests minimizing emissions and conserving resources.

Our organic cotton is something we research and consider very carefully. Our organic cotton has been made using yarns that are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. GOTS is the most respected and trusted certification for the farming and manufacturing process of garments in the clothing industry. The benefits of organic cotton include avoiding the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional cotton and an 87% reduction in water consumption compared to conventional cotton.